In this episode, Nick Cicero and Nick Robinson interview Jason Zook, the genius behind, and more.

Interview with Jason Zook

Jason started off his career as a graphic designer, but he quickly realized that he wanted to own his destiny. Knowing this, he launched a side project that eventually netted him $1 million over a 5 year period. The business was all about getting paid to wear business’ names on a t-shirt. We asked, “How they heck were you able to do that??”. He said he was an early user of social media and amassed a large community of supporters. This is when he realized how powerful a community can be for a business.

We then asked Jason to describe how he built his community. It didn’t come easy at first, as only 12 people showed up to his launch. From there, he worked day in and day out on building meaningful connections with people. Jason said the key to building an audience is giving a crap about each and every person.

Due to an unfortunate event in Zook’s life, he decided to rid himself of his last name by letting people bid on his last name change. The winning bidder would replace his last name with their business name for 1 year. The first auction went for $45k to a company called He was able to raise $250k in the first two months after this promotion!

To learn more about Jason Zook, you can go to his personal website, and follow him on Twitter.

GOAT of the Week

This week we talk about “Taylor Swift’s Belly Button“. You probably don’t know this (or maybe you do). Taylor Swift does not believe in showing her belly button! If she wants to show her midriff, you will only see directly above her belly button. But NEVER her belly button.


But, you see, she totally slipped and put out a photo of herself and friends in bathing suits. And guess what? She showed her belly button! This picture was posted all over the internet because of her non belly button showing streak.


As a result of the reaction to the swim suit picture, Taylor came back with a funny picture making fun of herself.


Man oh man, did the inter-webs have fun with this one:

taylor-swift-belly-button-joke-remix-3 taylor-swift-belly-button-joke-remix-2 taylor-swift-belly-button-joke-remix-1

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image credits: knowyourmeme