Are you interested in discovering secrets to building a successful network in your business? It can be a real challenge for introverts to network, but finding the right people to work with is a key to success. Listen to my interview with Jay Papasan to find out how this introvert has built a network of hundreds and how his network helps his business thrive. One amazing piece of advice that Jay gives is that if you aren’t looking for people that are talented, then you become a prisoner to your business. Listen to this conversation to hear how Jay built and maintains a network of hundreds of people and what this means for his business.

Listen to this episode of Real Relationships to hear an introvert’s guide to #networking

How Jay grew with a real estate giant

Jay Papasan is my guest on this episode of Real Relationships. He is the co-author of two books and is a real estate professional with Keller Williams. Jay worked as a publisher at Harpercollins in New York before beginning his career with KW as a writer in Austin when the real estate firm was still small. As KW has grown immensely over the past 17 years so has Jay. He went from Newsletter Writer #2 to VP at one of the largest real estate corporations in the world. Listen to this episode to hear how Jay has grown along with the real estate giant. Jay has always loved books and figured he would become a fiction writer, so becoming a bestselling author of a nonfiction book took him completely by surprise. Even so, he has found his passion for writing nonfiction which feeds his why, which is helping others. Listen to this episode to hear more of Jay’s story.

Success isn’t complicated, it’s just not easy

Are you curious to find out what the key to growing a successful business is? After studying businesses and writing about them over the years Jay has found a common thread that stands out as a key to growing a successful business. Are you ready to learn what this key is? As an introvert Jay has learned over time that to become successful in business he would have to master building relationships with people. He feels that by building relationships with people you can find the right people to help you on your path to success. Listen to this interview to learn what the steps are to grow your successful business and find out how to build relationships through your database. Jay gives some excellent advice on succeeding in business by building relationships.

#Success isn’t complicated, it’s just not easy. Listen in to Real Relationships to hear more in my interview…

Find your primary focus

Jay’s book, “The One Thing,” is about finding one thing to focus on in your business. What is the one thing you should focus on that will give your business the most progress? Align your priorities by first, second, and third. Then narrow the most pressing priority down to just one thing. Give that one thing more time and resources than all the rest. You can still address all the things on your list but tackle the one thing first every day. The businesses that do this will be successful. Are you ready to find your focus and discover your One Thing? Listen to this episode of Real Relationships to start now.

What is holding people back from succeeding in their business?

Do you feel that something is holding you back from success? Why are people unsuccessful in implementing the most important thing in their business? You won’t want to make the same mistakes that many people make. Unsuccessful people get so busy that they are not stopping to ask the question. What is their number one priority? Instead, they stay busy to avoid the real work that will make their business successful. Listen in to hear what not to do when building a successful business.

What is holding people back in succeeding in their #business? Find out by listening to this episode of Real…

Outline of this great episode

  • [0:24] Jay Papasan tells us how he got into writing
  • [4:24] What is Jay’s why as a writer
  • [6:31] Common thread that stands out in successful businesses
  • [12:31] What is the book The One Thing about?
  • [18:48] Why are people unsuccessful in doing the most important thing?
  • [20:34] What is the one non-obvious important tactic used by successful people
  • [24:09] how do you make sure that you are getting in touch with the right people