Ramp. What is it? It’s the new name of the InsightSquared podcast.

Why would we change the name of the podcast? Much like a startup, podcasts need to find product-market fit. While Million Dollar Insights was a fun name, our most popular episodes were those where we geeked out on SaaS metrics. So we’re positioning around that theme, and bringing you a podcast that will help your SaaS company ramp up and grow faster. Rather than just telling you this news in a boring, PR-style announcement, we wanted to do something a little different. Joe Chernov, the VP of Marketing at InsightSquared, explains exactly why we made this decision, and gives insight into the process of making the podcast.

Listen now:

In this 5 minute interview, Chernov explains:

  • How the podcast fits in with our marketing strategy
  • Why the podcast is focusing on SaaS topics
  • And why we chose Ramp as our new name