The concept of influencer marketing isn’t new but how brands can leverage influencers and what works for collaborating with an influencer has drastically changed over the last 18 months.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business or an enterprise there are people that use your product or service that influence others through their actions, their words or simply their trust in that person. The hard part is finding the right influencer then mapping out what success looks like for you the brand and how you’ll measure that success.

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On episode 61 of FOMOFanz I breakdown the mindset changes and critical steps required for brands to be successful with influencer marketing all the way from finding the right influencer to managing influencer expectations to ultimately creating a partnership built on trust with influencers that have unique communities that create different types of


I’ve had the luxury of first being identified as in influencer in 2014 by IBM, then working with brands like Applebees, Cox Business, SAP and the Superbowl to build influencer marketing and I believe even in my short time in this space so much has changed and the value and plan for influencer marketing in 2016 wouldn’t work in 2018. (You can read more about my thoughts on influencers from an earlier episode of the podcast here.)

I’d love for you to listen to this episode as I share a bit about my experience but more importantly breakdown each of the below critical aspects that done correctly will lead to a successful influencer marketing partnership both moving the business needle and establishing a long term relationship with the influencer and their community!

Influencer Marketing Success In 2018 Requires Brands To:

  • Define what success looks like and how to measure that.
  • Micro-Influencer why they work for brands of all sizes
  • Hiring the right people to source & how to properly outreach to influencer
  • Managing expectations and partnering with the influencer to reach a shared goal.
  • Content collaboration is far more than an influencer takeover or influencer creating content on their own channel.
  • Field of dreams marketing is broken, you must engage with the community where the community is and be active in building trust with the community alongside the influencer
  • Making the partnership beneficial for the influencer doesn’t require it being a paid relationship but it does require the brand to understand what matters to the influencer