I’m super excited to introduce you to one of the people who has helped me meet my own personal sales productivity over the years through the books she’s written. Her name is Jill Konrath and she’s truly an icon in the sales industry. With over 1/4 million LinkedIn followers, Jill Konrath was recently named one of the top 7 sales influencers of the 21st century. She’s an international speaker and a bestselling author. Her most recent book, More Sales Less Time: Surprisingly Simple Strategies for Today’s Crazy-Busy Sellers, was selected as one of 2016’s top sales books. Jill also wrote SNAP Selling, Agile Selling and Selling to Big Companies. I told you she was great. You won’t want to miss this conversation about how you can increase your sales productivity. It’s the theme of her new book and is changing the way I do sales – and I’m seeing improvements already.

jill-konrath- meet your sales quota
Jill Konrath

The biggest reason you don’t meet your sales quota isn’t what you think.

Jill Konrath knows the pressure of meeting a sales quota and being productive in sales. She’s been a sales leader for years so she’s seen it all. Her most recent book, “More Sales Less Time” is a runaway hit because it resonates with the real life struggles sales reps are experiencing in the digital age. There’s more on our plates than ever before and Jill has nailed the reason behind falling sales stats: we are more distracted from our money-making tasks than ever. But Jill’s not one to point out the problem without giving solutions, she suggests tangible ways to solve the problem as well. You won’t want to miss the insights she shares in this conversation.

Face it: The always-on nature of the sales world is making you less productive.

It’s important for every sales professional to be on top of the latest technologies that can make our lives better and our jobs more efficient. But we’ve reached a point where it’s doubtful that both or either of those things is happening. Jill Konrath says that sales reps are more stressed than ever these days and that sales numbers are dropping significantly in spite of the technologies we have that are supposed to make our jobs easier. What’s the problem? We’re being less productive in sales because we’re more distracted than ever. Find out how to fix the problem, on this episode of #SellingWithSocial.

We sales people are addicted to our devices. It’s a fact. Here’s how to break free.

In studying to write her most recent book, “More Sales Less Time,” Jill Konrath discovered research that shows we get a little shot of a brain chemical called dopamine every time we hear the “ding” of our cell phone. It’s the same effect on the brain and body that a shot of drugs would provide. We are addicted people. And it’s impacting our success in sales productivity. We have to face it. Jill also discovered from her studies that there are only a handful of ways to address the issue effectively. If you want to know what they are Jill shares them freely in practical ways, on this episode.

more-sales-less-time-book-cover-msltThis conversation with Jill Konrath is not about productivity, it’s about selling.

Jill Konrath’s new book appears to be about productivity tools and hacks that you can use to make more time in your day. But Jill insists that she didn’t write this book to become the next productivity guru. Her aim was to help sales professionals and sales leaders understand what’s happening to them, what’s causing their sales numbers to drop, and address it with effective solutions. She wants to help you get more sales because her passion is sales, not productivity. Let Jill help you do more effective selling by listening to this episode of #SellingWithSocial.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:38] My introduction of my guest on this show, Jill Konrath.
  • [3:20] Who is Jill Konrath?
  • [5:25] How Jill’s miserable life inspired her to write her most recent book.
  • [13:00] The way the stress of the always-connected digital age impacts performance.
  • [16:37] How a dopamine surge in our brains is affecting us as salespeople.
  • [19:30] Finding a way to minimize the pull of the notifications.
  • [25:55] How Jill’s new book can help you meet your sales quotas.
  • [29:30] It’s not about productivity, it’s about selling.
  • [31:20] 3 things to stop doing to get more time for sales.
  • [37:46] Jill’s advice for those new to sales.
  • [44:56] How you can connect with Jill.

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