Welcome to another episode of the Ideasicle Podcast, where your host, Will Burns, works to untangle the mysteries of the elusive idea. This time, Will interviews Alyssa Toro, a woman uniquely equipped to answer the following question: can food affect your ideas? She has not only made a career out of creativity, she is also certified as a Holistic Health Coach.

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Alyssa is a Senior Partner and Creative Director at Connelly Partners in Boston. She has almost twenty years experience in advertising and design at some of New England’s most creative agencies, including Leonard/Monahan, Ingalls and Hill Holiday. For as long as her agency has been alive Alyssa has been overseeing all things creative for her clients. With an unparalleled passion for design, Alyssa and her creative teams approach every job with a unique perspective offering solutions that range from brand identity to TV, digital and grass roots programs. When not chasing creative or her two children, Alyssa has found the time to get certified as a Holistic Health Coach. Oh, and she was a professional gymnast.

Show notes:

  • Alyssa begins by educating us on what the brain needs for deep thinking.
  • She talks about the difference between Primary Food and Secondary Food, where Primary Food is what “feeds” the brain through experiences and inspiration.  Secondary food is what we think of as food we eat.
  • On the Secondary front, it’s Omega 3 that really greases the skids in your brain for better focus.
  • Alyssa then lists all the foods that contain this magical substance so you can have some close at hand when you’re at work, ideating.
  • She also talks about how “corn sugar” (as the makers of high fructose corn syrup would like you to call it now) can trick your brain into thinking it’s not full, when it is. Evil potato chips!