Welcome to the Ideasicle Podcast, where our host, Will Burns, founder of Ideasicle, relentlessly untangles the mysteries of the elusive idea. In this third episode, Will interviews David Baldwin, one of the most awarded copywriters and creative directors in the business today.

Among many other things, hear David talk about his new company, Baldwin&, and how he’s creating a creative environment, the importance of authenticity in communications, his concerns about how pitching is affecting the advertising industry, and, of course, his view on how to come up with better ideas (including the role of shitty ideas).

Prior to launching Baldwin&, David was the Creative Director for McKinny, Chairman of the One Club in NYC, the force behind The One Show. Alongside his creative advertising exploits, David is an executive producer for the film, Art & Copy, now available on DVD and premiering on PBS this fall, and was a guitarist/songwriter for the band Pants who’s CD, Twice the Snake You Need can be found on iTunes or Amazon.com.

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Show Notes:

  • New original music intro for the Ideasicle Podcast from Joe Kowalski.  This guy rocks. Check out more of his work here: http://soundtrack.onlyone-music.com/.  A big thanks to Joe.
  • David talks about Baldwin& and what makes his new company different.
  • He discusses creating “brand experiences” through authenticity.
  • Building a creative environment organically – a company is not a building, it’s people.
  • A great bit about fear and inhibition being the dragons we need to slay when coming up with ideas.
  • David talks about what he learned from Tom Monahan (podcast #1).
  • The role of the shitty idea in coming up with great ideas.
  • Our industry and how agencies have devalued what they do to the point of doing it for free during a pitch.