Welcome to the Ideasicle Podcast and our never-ending mission to untangle the mysteries of the elusive idea. Today we are talking with someone who thinks about creativity for a living. As a writer and creativity consultant, Jeffrey Davis shows creatives and entrepreneurs how to rally wonder as an ally to stay open to possibility, persevere through creative challenges, and connect with what matters most.

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Jeffrey is founder of Tracking Wonder Consulting and writes the Tracking Wonder blog for Psychology Today. He is President of Center To Page, LLC through which he has mentored aspiring and New York Times best-selling writers alike. He also is founder of the Yoga as Muse Programs & Training and is also author of the groundbreaking book The Journey from the Center to the Page: Yoga Philosophies and Practices as Muse for Authentic Writing.

He has led workshops internationally at the University of New Mexico’s Taos Writer’s Conference, Kripalu Center in Western Massachusetts, The Omega Institute, the Writers Lab on the Greek isle of Skyros, and Nova Scotia’s Tatamagouche Centre among other places. He teaches at Western Connecticut State University’s MFA in Creative & Professional Writing Program.


  • We begin by discussing the nature of creativity itself, and how Jeffrey believes it comes from our own unrest.
  • Creativity and evolution, and how our inspiration may just be a natural extension of human evolution.
  • Jeffrey explains the concept of the “Environmental Mind” and the importance of our immediate surroundings in aiding our creativity.
  • He lets us in on some fresh research he’s been doing around the seeming contradiction of focus and distraction being BOTH important in creativity.
  • A great bit on serendipity and its role in the ideation process.
  • Learn how yoga screwed up Jeffrey’s life in some beautiful ways, and how yoga can help you focus and truly “show up” in ways you never have before.
  • We discuss breathing and how it is the only way we can influence our autoimmune system.
  • Then an enlightening talk about Jeffrey’s concept of “Fertile Confusion,” or the need to refrain from the easy solutions.
  • We wrap it up with a primer to Jeffrey’s new book (in progress) on the concept of Wonder.