Welcome to the Ideasicle Podcast, where our host, Will Burns, founder of Ideasicle, relentlessly untangles the mysteries of the elusive idea. In this first episode, Will interviews Tom Monahan, a true expert in the field of ideas.

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Tom is the founder and head creativity coach of Before & After, Inc. and a leader in the field of applied creativity. He does private consulting and ideation training for a list of leading companies and professional organizations. Tom’s unorthodox approach to training has had toy designers doing origami, engineers playing mental leapfrog and media executives throwing rotten tomatoes.

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Show notes:

  • Tom starts by describing the prolific ideators he’s worked with – David Lubars, David Baldwin, Kara Goodrich, Jim Garaventi and others.
  • The balance of confidence and insecurity in creativity and ideation.
  • Importance of talented people these days versus a “creative department.”
  • They discuss the impact of the democratization of executional tools. Is a million dollar production necessary today?
  • Tom talks about his company, Before & After, and techniques you can do to your mind to increase the chances of coming up with great ideas (e.g. the “Do It Yourself Lobotomy”).
  • Ideas in history happen when people wonder more and are pressed to do so.

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