Seth Schulman has made an art out of inspiring authors to better ideas. He believes anyone can do it, but that not everyone gives themselves “permission” to do it. The “professional” environment doesn’t help with its overlay of expectations, fear and posturing, all filtering the ideation process. But fear not. Seth has some tangible tips and tricks that you can do to help with your own ideation. And you can start by getting rid of the ping-pong table.


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Show notes with Seth Schulman:

  • We start with a description of the writing process and the typical problems writers face.
  • We discuss fear in the corporate environment and “professionalism” and how both get in the way of pure ideation.
  • Fear comes up as an enemy of ideation (again).
  • Environment is an important contributor to inspiration and ideation – Seth explains why and how he uses the environment with his clients.
  • The ad agency’s typical pool table, ping pong table and dartboard have become part of the professional environment, which means they don’t work as well to spur ideas.
  • Seth has some pretty whacky (as he put it) tips and tricks to help you improve your ideation. You don’t want to miss these.