Welcome to another episode of the Ideasicle Podcast, where we attempt to untangle the mysteries of the elusive idea.

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Today we have Edward Boches, Social Media Guru and Chief Innovation Officer at Mullen Advertising. On the forefront of the social media space, Edward has strong feelings about how we need to live and think differently in this brave new world. And, coming from a guy who’s seen it all, his take on creativity and ideas is valuable for any idea person.


  • How does one make the transition from Creative Director to Chief Innovation Officer at an ad agency? Edward did it and tells all.
  • Great bit about how organizational innovation has to happen from the inside out. The people need to think differently and the culture has to reward people differently. And the company needs to practice what it preaches. Example: http://www.thenextgreatgeneration.com/ (invented by Mullen).
  • Are you “T shaped”? Edward thinks being so is a very good thing in innovative organizations.
  • Edward agrees with me that the act of creativity has changed but takes it a step further – the creative technologists are the most important people in the ad agency these days.
  • Edward suggests that we all need to “fail to survive.” Great theme, and Edward expands on this one.
  • Related to that is the power of just getting started. Trying stuff. Being fearless.
  • Edward also talks about how he improves his own creativity by forcing “Steven Johnson-like” idea collisions.


Edward Boches is the Chief Innovation Officer Mullen in Boston. That means his job, as he puts it, is to constantly hack the system in an effort to inspire change and get people to embrace the new technologies, platforms and consumer behaviors necessary to create cool and relevant ideas for clients. Over his 30 year career, Edward has been a newspaper reporter, speech writer, account executive, public relations counsel, copywriter and creative director. He’s built a full-service ad agency; worked with dozens of noteworthy brands; launched high-tech and internet start-ups; collaborated with world famous directors, photographers and editors; co-written television commercials with Ellen DeGeneres; presented ideas to Oprah Winfrey; created award winning websites; launched an emerging social media practice; and incubated thenextgreatgeneration.com.

When they say a rolling stone gathers no moss, I think they’re talking about Edward Boches! You can follow Edward at his fantastic blog called “Creativity Unbound.”


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