Ever feel a strange “vibe” in a room, or know what someone is thinking before they talk, or even feel that jolt of inspiration when you have a great idea? Well, today we’re going to talk about an incredibly mysterious force, one that could unlock all of our creative potential, called “subtle energy,” with Dr. Synthia Andrews.

Welcome to the Ideasicle Podcast, where we attempt to untangle the mysteries of the elusive idea. Click on Dr. Andrews’ picture to play the podcast.


Quick thank you to Jim Harold of the Paranormal Podcast, where I first heard Dr. Andrews expertly interviewed by Jim. They talked about a lot of things related to her new book, “The Path Of Energy,” but they touched on creativity. Consider this interview with the Ideasicle Podcast a “Part II” to Jim’s interview, where we go much deeper on the topic of energy’s influence on our ideas. I highly recommend you listen to Jim’s interview with Dr. Andrews as well. You can do that here. Thanks, Jim!


  • Dr. Andrews begins by defining “subtle energy” and “life force” for us, as well as explains the role of our chakras metabolizing energy for us and broadcasting who we are to the world.
  • Kids are better at paying attention to their subtle energy than adults are. We get trained out of it. But all hope is not lost!
  • Dr. A describes a fascinating experiment where human thought actually influenced the development of common ice crystals.
  • And another experiment that seems to prove that DNA has an electromagnetic organizing force that perhaps we can tap into. See that study here: http://arxiv.org/pdf/1012.5166.
  • She talks about how subtle energy can influence our ideas and how creativity may just be the driving force of humanity.
  • Crowdsourcing in the ether? She talks about our collective consciousness and the morphic resonance field (don’t worry, she explains it all) and how it’s been proven that anyone in a particular species can tap into the collective knowledge of that species.
  • We discuss whether the worldwide web is helping us connect or getting in the way of these natural energetic connections.
  • Dr. A describes meditation techniques that can increase our subtle energy, as well as enhance our “alpha waves,” which is a creative place to be.
  • Even the 5,000 year old “Ice Man” proves how long human beings have known about subtle energy – the man’s skin had tattoos consistent with an acupuncture map!
  • We conclude by getting Dr. Andrews’ thoughts on where humanity will be in 1,000 years, as it relates to connectivity of minds and subtle energy. Fascinating stuff.


Dr. Synthia Andrews is a naturopathic physician with 30 years experience as a massage and energy practitioner. Through her practice, she realized that the body is a fully equipped vehicle for engaging energy reality. Understanding how to awaken this vehicle and facilitate people’s energy path is her life work. She uses the techniques in her book, “The Path of Energy,” personally, in client sessions and in meditation groups. She teaches energy awareness workshops and lectures around the world.


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