Today, reality is taking a back seat on the Ideasicle Podcast. We are exploring a fascinating emerging category for marketing ideas called “augmented reality,” also known as AR. We are very interested in augmented reality at Ideasicle because it’s such an unbridled expanse for new marketing ideas. And as the proliferation of smartphones, from Android to iPhone to everything in-between, continues, augmented reality is fast becoming a mainstream phenomenon. So it’s important as marketers that we understand it. Our guest today, Vivian Rosenthal, is going to help us out.

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Vivan Rosenthal has been mastering this new augmented-reality medium for a decade now. She got her masters at the Columbia University School of Architecture in 2001. She is the founder and CEO of Goldrun, an augmented reality app that enables users to locate, interact with and take photos of GPS-linked virtual objects positioned in the real world. Vivian is also the co-founder of Tronic studio, a digital media and experiential design company. She has been named one of Creativity Magazine’s top 50 global creatives of 2010 and has spoken at numerous conferences on the intersection of advertising and technology. She has been selected as a jury member for the Andy Awards and One Show Interactive Awards and the Art Directors Club.

Show Notes:

  • We begin with Vivian defining what augmented reality is.
  • We discuss the importance of moving away from gratuitous AR and towards more strategic applications now possible because of GPS connectivity.
  • How do you know if you should develop an AR app? Vivian tells us.
  • Great story about Y&R’s AR application with Airwalk (the first invisible pop-up store). Virtual products in the real world – very cool.
  • When you can do everything, is it hard to do anything? I asked Vivian about the potentially overwhelming creative process when developing AR ideas.
  • I also asked Vivian why human beings are so fascinated by AR. Think sci-fi…
  • I was interested to learn how Vivian’s architecture background helped her “build” AR environments. Agencies, take heed. Interesting new angle on creative hiring.
  • Vivian explains her new company, Gold Run, where AR is all they do.
  • I put her on the spot at the end and ask her what creativity is and how she stays sharp.