This is a topic I’ve talked about quite a bit in the past. It’s a recurring topic… but only because it is one of the easiest ways I can think of to come up with great content for your business blog.

This is a winning strategy because the content will not only improve your search engine rankings, it will be perfectly aligned with your prospects needs. And when that happens, you will attract more prospects and convert them into customers with greater ease.

Who doesn’t want more customers? Here’s how you do it…

Drum roll please

Here’s the method: Answer the questions you already get asked.

It’s that easy.

But strangely so few businesses do it. (Which, by the way, is a huge opportunity for those brave businesses that think different and do this).

Instead, what most businesses do is write about what they want the customer to know. They talk AT their website visitor instead of having a conversation with their website visitor. Like they’re creating a brochure.

When you talk AT somebody, you’re just another company trying to sell something. When you have a conversation you’re now a trusted friend. And you have a much better shot at getting many more customers than ever before.

This really works

There is a magical thing about answering someone’s question. When you do it right their guard comes down and you allow them to really get to know you. The real you… not the salesman you.

And people buy from people they know, like and trust. It is thousands of times easier to sell to people who know, like and trust you.

And the big secret… Don’t sell at all. Just answer their questions openly and honestly.


But how?

Just pay close attention. If someone asks you a question, write them down in a notebook. Every time you get asked something, add it to that notebook.

Over time, you will see that people seem to ask the same questions about what you do. You will also build a great list of titles for blog posts.

For example, I get asked how people can come up with content for their blog a lot. So I took that question and turned it into the title of this podcast.

My assumption here is, if my prospects ask me this and I write blog posts to answer it, then someone my ask the same thing in Google. And guess what… they do… and I get business from things like this all the time.