“It has always been about the story. The story is everything, which means it’s our jobs to tell better stories.”

Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey, who delivered those comments as the keynote speaker at last year’s Content Marketing World 2014, knows a lot about the alchemy of a compelling story. Sitting out in the crowd that day was Matt Moretti, Senior Content & Media Analyst at Flipkey.

Matt joins us this week for a lively conversation about storytelling. We cover it from all angles, from how brands like GoPro and Red Bull do it the right way, to how television programs like Game of Thrones bring stories alive from the page to the screen, without losing what made them captivating in the first place.

We also experiment with live-streaming app Periscope – with better results than we had last time with Meerkat – and debate the merits of live streaming as a marketing tool.


Show Notes: