Today I have some podcast resources to help your business stand out and attract more brand followers.

Podcasting is a great brand building tool for individual or corporate brands. In order to get noticed you should have the right tools in place. There are many different options available out there — both free and paid. Would you like to share your expertise and knowledge? Take advantage of these podcast resources, and let me know how they work for you!

1) Simple audio editor – Audacity

Use this multi-track audio software to create engaging episodes — all for free. Audacity is an open-source platform that includes features such as live recording, sound file editing, sound quality editing, and special effects. Their visuals will help you hone in on specific frequencies with easy import/export options of different file formats.

2) Host and promote your first podcast – Buzzsprout

If you are ready to get started with your first show then this free service can help you become successful. Buzzsprout allows you to upload your audio files while taking care of the rest of preparation for 90 days at no charge. Publish immediately or schedule podcasts out. Learn more about your audience with built-in statistics, which will also provide insights on which platform they are choosing to access episodes.

3) Turn your Mac into a production studio – Ecamm

Record live video or audio on an iOS computer or mobile device. Ecamm offers several products that can help your business produce quality episodes without breaking the budget. Broadcast live or record an interview that can be used later in a podcast. Adjust the color and lighting in videos with integration with Microsoft’s Skype software.

4) Turn raw files into professional productions – Alitu

Do you need to jump start your new podcast? Then you will love Alitu, which allows you to import, edit and clean up your audio files. Join together recordings, add music and special effects, place id3 tags, and publish directly to your host provider. If you don’t have music the software includes a library of non-copyrighted material to choose from as well as a custom music maker tool.

Hopefully you will find these podcast tools useful to your branding strategy. Are there any that you would like to add as well?

Have fun with these tips and tools.