In the 80’s, grassroots marketing was all the rage. We couldn’t enough Gen X’ers to slap stickers on lamp posts and put up flyers at the local coffee shop. While some of us marketers have moved on to newer whiz-bang technologies, others have kept the concept of grassroots marketing alive.

Enter Rhonda Moret, CMO of PGA Junior Golf Camps, who has been using grassroots strategies to build a strong and loyal group of brand ambassadors to grow her business.

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“Even though kids are our primary customer, parent’s are also our customers,” says Moret. Much of their strategy focuses on meeting the needs of the parents – sending clips of their children sinking a putt, sending pictures of what they are serving for lunch. “Those are all strategies that are part of our marketing, to help us convert parents into these brand ambassadors.”

Despite common misperceptions, grassroots marketing can be extremely cost effective. “We do utilize these different brand ambassador groups quite heavily in our marketing,” remarks Moret. By focusing on mommy blogs, golfer blogs, church groups and other organizations, she can reach multiple constituents at once and at a cheaper price.

She explains it as “minimal explanation, maximum execution.” Not only a great grassroots marketing mantra but a great life mantra as well.

Highlights include:

Building the Golf Camp brand (3:30)

Understanding the mom-buyer (4:40)

Using grassroots marketing (7:45)

Getting buyers to become advocates (14:05)

Budgeting for grassroots marketing (19:30)

Identifying and executive a grassroots strategy (22:10)