Have you ever walked away from a discussion feeling that you really weren’t heard? How frustrating is that? After all, as a professional you’ve got passion, boundless enthusiasm and creativity going for you — all backed up with great products or services.

Well, we’ve all been there! That’s why in BusinessCast #150, Robert and I sat down with Jeff Hendler, a powerful coach and trainer and who helps business leaders succeed — by helping them truly understand the different ways that targeted people process information.

The result: you can effectively adapt your message, your method of communicating, your timing, your body language, etc. — in short, all those things that will help you successfully “get through” to your targeted audience so that they can appreciate the value you and/or your company bring.

Getting a handle on the psychology of how people take in and respond to information is complex. But, in BusinessCast #150, Mr. Hendler provides a handful of powerful tips that you can use now to achieve the impact you’re looking to make in your next critical meeting, pitch or campaign.

Jeff Hendler is a leader in the Product Accelerators — a product innovation think-tank specializing in helping companies get their products to market faster and in ways that excite members of the targeted markets.

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