Ads, Apps, and Veronica Mars: Magnet Media Labs Podcast No. 12

Ok, so we missed a week and lost our podcast co-founder / “Mayor” / only-labs-host-to-appear-on-all-previous-episodes, Ryan W. Neal. We did actually record a farewell episode last week, but alas, the tech gods did not smile upon us and some technical issues made it unsuitable for sharing.

But that was then and this is now. We’re back for Director of Social & Interactive Anwar Warner‘s final episode, in which a veritable smorgasbord of Magnet staffers make quick guest appearances for your enjoyment and Brandan Jones, Anwar, and Ryan Swearingen look at the week’s news in digital media, web video, and social media marketing

This week, we discuss a FastCoDesign article about a proposed high-tech payphone which would provide immersive digital information on NYC streetcorners.

We also debate whether YouTube is growing more mature to match its aging audience now that it’s reached the ripe old age of 8, as explored in TubeFilter’s article.

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Viral Video of the Week

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