As a proud tech geek, futurist, social influencer and speaker the most popular question I’m often asked at events like SXSW is: “What does the future of technology look like?”

This question for many leads to conversations around augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, digital transformation, robotics, cognitive computing and machine learning. As much as I love technology, I’ve always struggled with answering that question in a manner that isn’t guessing like a weatherman does but rather giving people a path and workflow that they can picture that isn’t about the technology rather the change and possibilities enabled by technology of the future.

Technology and Innovation of the Future requires:

  1. Collaboration Beyond Human To Human
  2. Simplification of Human Predictable Habits

I breakdown these two concepts, how I see this working and I challenge you the listeners to re-think collaboration while looking at your own workflow and process and start identifying where technology can simplify your day giving you back minutes or even hours that money can never buy!

What is the FOMOFanz Podcast:

For the longest time I was making it my goal as a technology evangelist, keynote speaker and tech geek to help my clients and community embrace their FOMO with the gadgets, tools and software automation that I use every day. But most people don’t like change let alone have the time to stay on top of everything therefore living or embracing this fear is scary.

I translate geek-speak and with this show I will give you insights and updates going on with the latest gadgets, technology, social media trends and more. My mission is to help cure your FOMO ultimately helping you enjoy a life full of the “Fun of Missing Out” or better yet JOMO “Joy of Missing Out.” www.iTunes.FOMOFanz.Live