We talk a lot about big data on Marketing Superstars, but what do you do when your data is dispersed in a lot of different databases and systems? This was the challenge Victor Milligan, CMO of Forrester had to face.


“A lot of people have paid attention to big data as the big problem to solve, but the larger problem is the dispersion of data.” He’s talking about all of those tools and systems that CMOs just keep buying.

“Our clients expect us to know a lot about them and to use that information in ways that create value,” Milligan admits. “So if we can’t grapple with that information, we are doing a disservice to our clients.”

Bringing data together is not easy – even for Forrester. As Victor reminds us, “This is not an easy thing. It’s a long journey.” So CMO’s get out you good hiking boots.

Highlights from this episode:

Using analytics to make decisions (3:20)
Shaping Forrester’s brand (5:00)
Forrester’s next key challenge (7:30)
Dealing with the dispersion of data (13:10)
Insights from analyzing the data (18:10)