Anthony Chatfield (now runs a content marketing business) spent his years at university studying for a degree in Creative Writing only to discover that his accomplishments were not worth much to employers. This discovery forced him to look at creating his own job and so he set about starting his own writing business. More than six years later and Anthony is the proud CEO of Great Leap Studios, a thriving content marketing business that currently boasts 100s of satisfied customers and growing.

Back in 2006 Anthony decided that freelancing was his best option as no one wanted to take him on, despite his shiny new degree. The following four years saw him become prolific in providing high-quality website content, blog posts, social media content, and eBooks for many different clients. These experiences then led to him start his inbound marketing company, Great leap Studios.

Anthony has a long list of specialties that clients can take advantage of including website consultation, viral marketing, and new media planning. But he also writes regular content that other freelance writers can benefit from because he is passionate about helping others to grow their fledgling business in whatever way he can.