On this episode of FOMOFanz, I record a special edition focused on two massive updates in the social media space around two of the big four platforms, Facebook and Twitter.

But unlike everyone else covering these updates, I don’t think this has anything to do with Snapchat rather a massive shift towards a mobile-only experience, training users to integrate facebook messenger into their day to day workflow and the monetization of the digital mobile consumer.

Here are the two blog posts that I quote in the episode from Tech Crunch:

Twitter introduces pre-roll ads to Periscope videos:

“For creators and publishers that use Periscope to go live on Twitter every day, these pre-roll ads present a new way to monetize their video content,” Folgner writes. “For marketers, they have a new source of video advertising beyond what was previously available, including ads during live streaming programs, Promoted Tweets with Periscope video, and custom Amplify campaigns with live content from influential creators.”

Twitter says it will be making Periscope pre-rolls broadly available to advertisers over the next few months.

Facebook pivots into Stories:

“Instead, Facebook can charge in full-speed, attacking Snap from every angle without much penalty to its existing business. And with its enormous engineering and design teams, plus billions in profit each quarter, it can throw more resources at Camera, Stories and Direct visual messaging than Snap can. That product development strength is on display with today’s launch, and apparent from Facebook’s insistence on showing reporters forthcoming special effects that one-up Snapchat’s iconic lenses.

Until now, Facebook was just running missile tests and fighting skirmishes on the frontier. Today Facebook declares total war on Snapchat.”

My take is that this is a much bigger play than going after Snapchat rather this is a focused shift in mindset and user behavior that Facebook is training users to become more mobile driven as well as driving additional value for the user of Facebook Messenger.

I was fired up for this episode so rather than spell everything out in the show notes you’re just going to have to listen to the podcast or watch the facebook live recording below.

As always these episodes are recorded LIVE on Facebook Live & Periscope. Watch this episode here: