What I want to talk about today is the question, “What Every Small Business Owner Should Know About How Consumers See Their Businesses.” Because we often are in our businesses all the time, we fail to realize sometimes how consumers or customers see our business. That’s why I want to talk about three things you really should know, about how customers see your business.

The first one is you’re a means to an end. They have a need or want that they need to get taken care of; That’s their primary reason for coming to your business. There may be secondary and other reasons for them to come to your business, but fundamentally they want to come to your business for something.

If somebody wants coffee, they come to your business primarily to get coffee. If the coffee’s bad, chances are they’re probably not going to go back there no matter how good everything else is. You really want to make sure you know that the consumer’s need or want that is primary to them, that needs to be taken care of. If you don’t take care of that, all else will fail.

The second thing you need to be thinking about is one bad staff interaction can cost you thousands of dollars. I’m going to use an example of one of my clients, who went to a restaurant that she and her husband normally go to at least once a month. When they’re there, they normally spend about $100 per couple. It’s not a cheap date by any means.

They went to this restaurant and the waiter must be having a bad day. The waiter failed to put their food order in, and then 30 minutes later told them that he had not put their food order in. As a result of that, that business, that restaurant has lost a minimum of $1,200 a year from that one previously loyal customer.

I should mention that the consumer also mentioned it to the manager, who didn’t seem to care. Let’s say over three years, that’s about a $3,600 loss, not to mention the bad reviews that they left on Yelp, Google+, and TripAdvisor. That one staff interaction that was poor, basically, caused thousands of dollars in marketing to go away.

What I’m saying is thousands of dollars of money that could have been used for marketing, or had been used for marketing to get the people into the restaurant, had gone away, also that loss of revenue, and good word of mouth. That one bad staff interaction can really cause your business’ positive attitude to go down, so to speak.

The third thing is as soon as you as a business satisfy their need or want, a lot of times they don’t think they need you or want you. They may be starving for something, or they might need their car worked on, they might need a car repair. As soon as their car is repaired, they don’t give that car repair place a second thought because their car is running.

No matter what they’re not going to come back to you, unless their car stops running for the most part. What you have to do is keep that constant interaction with them at least once a month on an e-newsletter, a printed newsletter, or something, so when they need you or want you, you’re still at the top of mind with them.

If you don’t continue to communicate with them, the next time something happens they might not go to you. There might be an offer from a competitor of yours in the mail, in the email, on Facebook, on Google Ads, on the web, etc. You really need to make sure you’re communicating with them because they aren’t going to need you until that need or want comes back. You just have to remember that.

These are the things that every small business owner should know about the consumers, and how they see their businesses. To review, you are a means to an end, if you don’t satisfy their primary end or desire, they’re not going to continue to do business with you.

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