On this week’s episode of Digital Natives, your hosts Matt and Rai discuss customer engagement in different areas of the digital world, as well as the insane growth of YouTube and how to use that to your advantage when planning a marketing campaign. Join us on the Digital Natives Cast every Monday for the latest news in the world of technology, marketing and design!

  1. Customer Engagement [2:45]
  2. 45 Billion Hours a Month Watched on YouTube [10:45]

Customer Engagement

Digital technology has drastically changed the ways businesses interact with consumers. Rai discusses the differences between mobile, social, and messaging when it comes to customer engagement and how each one of these mediums has distinct advantages and disadvantages.

  • “Consumers nowadays are completely ingrained into their phones, their mobile, their social media. it’s a seamless experience for our physical and virtual lives.” -Rai
  • “65% of all digital media time is now spent on mobile, so you have to make sure that is something you’re really thinking about when designing.” -Rai
  • “By the end of this year, shoppers will place more orders on phones than any other device.” -Rai
  • “By just doing that and making everyone aware of what was going on in the social realm, they [Lids] went from 500,000 Facebook followers to more than 800,000 followers in 6 months.” -Rai
  • “I think, especially for the customer service end, is a really great application for the chatbots. It’s even more immediate than social media.” -Rai

45 Billion Hours a Month Watched on YouTube

Although cat videos are arguably the best part of YouTube, the 45 billion hours of video watched per month by its users proves that there’s way more to YouTube than just that! Matt informs us about the unbelievable amount of content consumed by YouTube users and some best practices to keep in mind when thinking about using YouTube in your marketing strategy.

  • “1.5 Billion logged in users visit YouTube every month. So they were saying one in five people visit YouTube daily.” -Matt
  • “Conversion rates to go from YouTube to your website are notoriously low.” -Matt
  • “You can grow a following and get a lot of people following you on there and watching your stuff, but getting them to take an action is impossible.” -Matt
  • “Why would you go visit someone’s website when there’s a cat video waiting for you one click away.” -Matt
  • “You always want to have any links that you’re trying to get them to go to in your description. You can mention them in the video, but make sure they are in the description so they can just click on it.” -Matt