When it comes to promoting the Norwegian Airlines brand, nothing is off limits. Just ask Stine (pronounced “Steena”) Borke, the CMO of Norwegian Airlines, who last year launched a marketing campaign using Emojis. “We were challenged on how to promote to teenagers and young people. So our team in Copenhagen came up with this idea.”


As a value-based airline, they have to be creative. Just putting up TV ads to compete with the likes of other airlines isn’t affordable. “It would be Impossible to build a brand just by traditional advertising, that would be way too expensive. At the core of our marketing strategy it’s digital – all the way.”

As she explains, the trick to strong marketing campaigns is to start with great content. “Content is King,” Stine assures me. But quickly follows up with, “but distribution is Queen.” No truer words have ever been spoken.

Other Highlights Include:

Norwegian’s trick to performance marketing (2:46)

Do you believe in SEO? (4:35)

Content Marketing strategy (7:10)

How customer service impacts brand (9:50)

Blending old and new into the marketing mix (11:45)

How “Getting married via social media campaign” drove brand (14:45)

Using Emojis to build brand (17:30)

Opening a new market (21:15)