Too many new startups have a great product, but a terrible sales team.

Mark Birch has seen it many times before. He is the founder and organizer for the Enterprise Sales Meetup, a community for B2B sales professional and leaders for events to share ideas, network with peers, and learn of innovations in the field of sales. He is also an investor in seed-stage startups, as well as an advisor, and has worked with many startups that are struggling to get sales right.

“You have a lot of younger folks coming to startups who don’t have a lot of sales experience,” he explained. “A lot of people are taking on tactics and sales hacks and trying to cobble together information from blog posts and other resources, but ultimately they’re missing the fundamentals about how to succeed in sales.”

In the latest episode of Ramp, Birch explains why so many startups get sales wrong, and how to get it right at your company.

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Birch said that far too many startup sales leaders fall into the same traps over and over again. For example, they think that just because they have a huge pipeline of leads, they’re going to hit a massive sales goal.

“You look at all of the deals you have in your pipeline, and you say, ‘We’re going to crush it this quarter,’” Birch explained. “The reality is, you’re probably not. When you’re involved in a complex sale, having a huge pipeline ends up being a huge time suck. Only a small percentage of deals will ever truly convert to revenue. The bigger more complex the sale, the more time the more resources you need to dedicate to each one of these deals.”

In this exclusive 24 minute episode, Birch discusses:

  • Why small data is more important than big data
  • The sales advice he gives to every company he invests in
  • What heavy metal has to do with sales
  • …and much more.