There has been a lot of discussion around Account Based Marketing (ABM) amongst the B2B marketing crowd, so there should be no surprise that we’re devoting a show to this topic. “Account Based Marketing is a category that just getting a ton of traction out on the market right now,” says Peter Isaacson, CMO of Demandbase.


So enter Peter Isaacson, a CMO, who is truly on the cutting edge of this new trend. During this show, he talks about why people are excited about ABM and what it takes to get started.

“Account-based marketing is really about identifying the specific companies that are going to make the most impact on your business results,” explains Peter. “You align with your sales team to go after those accounts through marketing.” Alignment with sales is always a good thing, right?

Other Highlights Include:

Demandbase’s Current Org Structure (1:55)

What is Account Based Marketing (ABM) (3:35)

Defining the AMB List (7:55)

How to get started with ABM (13:15)

Developing your ABM Marketing Plan (16:35)

Holding the Marketing Team Accountable (21:00)