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Welcome to Episode 166 of the Content Marketing Podcast!

Demand Generation: Let the Sales-Marketing Lovefest Begin! [Content Marketing Podcast 166]If you joined us for last week’s podcast, you’ll recall that we shared seven rules that all content marketing rockstars follow to ensure success in their demand-generation strategies.

This week, we’re digging deeper and sharing ideas on getting your sales and marketing teams united, excited and engaged in the demand-gen process.

Give today’s episode a listen to hear:

  • Our latest News Feed segment:
  • Why collaboration between sales and marketing is not optional when it comes to demand generation
  • Why a face-to-face summit is the best way to start a dialogue
  • Three items to put on your summit agenda
  • How to keep the collaboration going
  • Tip of the Week: My favorite secret to successful brainstorming

Please remember that this podcast is about you — your questions, your frustrations, your hopes and dreams for your content marketing program.