Welcome to our very first minisode! Unlike our typical deep-dive discussion-based episodes, Creator’s Block minisodes will be quick, down and dirty tutorials that will teach you how to do something in 20 minutes or less.

This week, Liz is teaching us how to tackle what I think is probably one of the hardest parts of blogging – writing a killer introduction in a way that doesn’t make you want to pull your hair out. That’s because, for many of us, a blog introduction can be a roadblock that completely derails the writing process – even though an introduction is often only a couple of paragraphs long, at most.

But with the three strategies Liz shares in this minisode, you won’t be able to blame your blog writing woes on introductions ever again. Enjoy!

Listen to this Episode:


  • What makes writing blog introductions so hard?
  • What are the three strategies for writing blog intros?
  • How to write a story-based introduction
  • How to write a response-based introduction
  • How to write a “get down to business” introduction
  • What rookie mistakes should you avoid?
  • And what should you do if you just can’t get an intro down on paper?

Resources We Mentioned: