How To Create Marketing That Gets The Job Done

The purpose of marketing is to move an audience to take action.

That’s marketing’s job, and it requires a deep understanding of who they are, what they want, and everything that influences their experience of acquiring it.

Understand and Describe Your Audiences

Start with the end in mind before you start investing in marketing. That’s the audience outcomes.

Nearly every business has more than one audience. There are customers and there are customers you wish to attract. Those two audiences have different needs.

To serve those customers you need to attract team members, some are them are leaders and others followers. That’s two more audiences, and there are more, such as investors.

That’s enough to make the point that you have to speak to people in a way that shows you know and care about them. That’s not easy to do if you are casting a wide net, so segment your larger audience and create marketing for each group within it.

Describe each audience in detail so that it feels like a real person. This is something we call the audience persona, and it should be committed to writing for all to see.

The truer to life that audience persona is the more skillfully you’ll be able to attract the people it represents.

What Are The Outcomes Your Audience Wants?

Now consider what gets everyone to take action.

At the most simplistic level, they have to believe the pitch. That’s right, people want to know what’s in it for them.

Nobody is going to buy a product or investigate a job opportunity if it’s not clear what the benefits are for taking action and what the risks are for not doing so.

Buyers today are doing their homework and checking you out on multiple channels. Just as you are going fishing to attract what you want, so are your buyers.

This means your business has to be attractive too. It’s dating 101 and it’s why you always start with intimately understanding the audience you want to attract so that you can reflect that in your marketing.

Of course, there is more to marketing than websites, so you have to break down your message so that it plays well on social media and the other marketing channels you use.

How do you want to be perceived? That is your business persona.

Your business persona is the counterpart to an audience persona and is better known as your brand. That brand is everything that is said about your business, including and especially what your customers are talking about.

You’ve probably heard that people don’t buy products or services, but the outcomes they promise. Ah, now we get to the brand promise and how that aligns with the outcomes your audience needs and wants.

Making a sale is one outcome, but there are many that have to happen that pave the way for it.

This is where content marketing enters the picture.

How Does Your Marketing Make Customers Happy?

Your business serves a variety of audiences that are interested in different outcomes, but all of them are expecting that you will be able to improve their life and lifestyle.

If you care about what people want and put that ahead of what you want you’ll get what you want too. That’s just how it works these days and why content marketing is such an invaluable practice.

When ideal customers visit your website you want them to take one of five actions before leaving.

  1. Buy
  2. Try
  3. Call
  4. Email
  5. Follow

Ask what will make each respective group happy and do your best to build an experience for them that ideally is compatible with what everyone else wants.

For example, I recently signed up for an online training course to become a Certified Content Marketer. It was launched more than a year ago but I was not ready to buy. Instead, I agreed to receive updates in case I changed my mind.

I’ve seen at least one offer come and go but now the timing is now right so I finally put my money down. Thus far the course is meeting my expectations and is everything the early buyers I talked to said it is. I’m happy.

Only a small percentage of your audience is ready to buy now. It’s your job to continue nurturing relationships with the rest by using content marketing to build your brand story in their minds with case studies and other media.

I’m now going to mention the word strategy because that’s what we are talking about here. I’ve waited until now because it’s a word most people associate with work and deep thinking.

I guess you could say I know my audience. Gotcha!

Marketing is work, but it’s also a path to getting what your business wants by helping enough other people get what they want, when they want it, and in the way that works for their budget or lifestyle or whatever.

Get to know your respective audiences and what they want and design a marketing experience to help them get it.

If you take anything away from this essay I hope it is the idea that marketing today is more than attracting leads and pushing them down a sales funnel.

It’s getting people to take an action that is right for them. Some people are afraid to take a leap, so just help them close a small gap and they’ll appreciate and remember you for it like a good neighbor that did them an unexpected favor.

Marketing tools, such as CRM systems, can help you keep your customers happy if you teach them to give people what they need at each point in their journey with your business.

Planning to make customers happier doesn’t have to be complicated.

  • Make some lists.
  • Prioritize everything.
  • Get a few easy wins.
  • Stay with the bigger ones until you get there.

I know you will.