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Would you build a new house without a plan? Of course you wouldn’t, right? To build a house that will last a lifetime you need a framework and architecture. A framework and plan is what helps ensure the house is developed on time, meets standards to keep you safe and enjoy the home for decades to come.

Running your business, as well the marketing and content strategies that support your goals also require a framework and architecture.

How much time do you spend creating content to inspire and connect with your audience? Is the content you create built upon or supported by a solid framework and architecture for success? Or are you winging it with a little bit of social spaghetti thrown at the social network walls, hoping it sticks?

A solid content architecture and framework can make or break your results online. I know what you are thinking…. “Pam this is just mumbo jumbo marketing talk…. I don’t need a content architecture like you do, as you are a geek and you love these things.”

Well, that assumption couldn’t be more wrong. Regardless of the size of your business and budget, you need to build your content by starting with a solid framework and plan. I recently shared with you one of the first steps to creating your content marketing plan, which is conducting a content marketing audit using our content inventory worksheet.

Building your content marketing architecture, framework and plan requires both art and science. You must know your audience, your own goals and objectives, your unique value in the market and how you are going to uniquely position yourself. In addition you must be crystal clear on your message so that you can create creative visuals, audio, text, social media posts and even video to inspire and connect your audiences.

These things do not all happen like magic. You aren’t going to suddenly wake up one morning and the framework just falls from the sky with a perfect bow ready for you to take it to market.

The truth is frameworks and architectures take time. Just as building a new home or building takes time, building your business inclusive of a content marketing plan also takes time.

If you want results with your content marketing effort you must create a content management system inclusive of goals, objectives, editorial calendars, alignment to needs of audience and the list goes on.

In this episode of the Social Zoom Factor podcast I explain how to get started building a content marketing system, set goals, as well as strategies to help you get started and ensure you truly understand the needs of your audience and much more.

This episode is part of a series that will dig in deep to the power of content marketing inclusive of strategies, and tactics you can implement immediately to take your content marketing and online business results to the next level.