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Welcome to Episode 140 of the Content Marketing Podcast!

WhatIf you joined us for last week’s podcast, you’ll recall we responded to a listener request and talked about how our content marketing assets can power up your Sales Team.

Today we’re turning our attention to your website content — specifically, what that website content is saying behind your back.

Give today’s episode a listen to hear:

  • Our latest News Feed segment:
    • Instagram ads now available to all businesses
    • Facebook makes Pages more mobile-friendly
    • Periscope now allows landscape-oriented broadcasting
    • Content Hit of the Week: “4 Apps That Can Make You a Better Writer” by Kaleigh Moore on the Entrepreneur website
  • Why website content is like sausage — if you enjoy it, don’t ask how it’s made
  • The three website content mistakes that could be giving people the wrong impression about your brand
  • Tip of the Week: The best way to find out what your content is saying behind your back