On this episode Brian & Dan discuss the future of video and really what matters when it comes to businesses looking at video, how do they link video to business goals and ultimately solve business problems.

Brian and Dan have hosted #Cloudtalk video chat show for almost 3 years starting on Google Hangouts, moving to blab and now leveraging Bluejeans.Net live streaming it to Facebook at so they’ve witnessed this social video evolution first hand.

Brian and Dan go in detail about the following topics as well:

  • How and where your audience consumes content should dictate your content strategy
  • Where live video fits into video marketing and video for businesses.
  • Why brands should understand Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook Organic Video, Twitter Video and Periscope Live video all of which Brian labels as social video platforms.
  • What is Up-cycling of content?
  • Why perfection and control are the enemy of all video strategies
  • What role a video strategy will play in embracing: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and the future of technology.

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