Compartmentalization is a big word, and not one that I hear talked about that much, and maybe that’s because everyone out there is like me and had to Google how to spell it. But I believe too much focus is on prioritization, having a niche and focusing on goals and tasks without the mention of compartmentalization and the fact it can be a powerful weapon if you can embrace it and leverage it at scale.

On this episode, I decided to talk about compartmentalization, a topic that came to me today after having a rough day and trying to get things accomplished while juggling personal life, business life problems while still having to deliver on a guest live stream and record a podcast episode.

It was almost 3pm and I was on the hook to deliver a presentation to a Facebook group hosted by my friend Phil Jones talking about digital, change and the power of being yourself online as the closer for his 14 days of love project. So although my day was crazy and I had a ton of things on my mind, I know I have to deliver as I don’t get to mail it in or change the time or take a timeout as I’m too worried about everything else that was going on the day. But for me once I got set up, I set my frame of reference and identified the goal of this task and mentally reviewed what success looked like, I simply said “let’s do this thing Brian Fanzo.” The Long and short of it is that Phil and the community loved it I got couple messages from a couple of friends that know more about what was going on, and they said Brian’s this is just another example of your ability to compartmentalize allowing you to do so many things and always be on. Hence this podcast topic was born.

Multi-Tasking Isn’t a Myth it’s a Trained Skill:

This is something I’ve always thought about and believe it all started when I played semi-professional poker where I started to development my people reading and math skills and the need to be able to channel both of them at once while not giving away any secrets. I then hosted 200+ Google hangout live interviews that were synced to a Twitter chat forcing me to interview + listen + read + type while on video. I credit those interviews for teaching me the skill of multitasking on video which is an element of my process for compartmentalization.

I know many people have doubts about multitasking or if there is such a thing but don’t worry you’ll hear me address those doubters on this episode. All of this is the foundation and basis for my focus on compartmentalization and the idea of going all-in 100% on whatever I’m working on till it’s complete then ejecting and moving to the next one without carry over. You’ll hear me share some of the tips and my impressive results which has given me the confidence to guarantee every brand that hires me as a speaker or business that sponsors my podcast, that no matter what’s going on in my personal life, on my business life, when it’s time for me to complete a task, I hone on what that success looks like go all-in and provide my 100% passion filled A game.

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