It’s Monday morning. You arrive into the office, grab your cup of java, open up your laptop and start digging into your email.

One particular email grabs your attention. It’s from your boss or maybe even your CEO. Subject line reads… “New Social Media Agency Kickoff Meeting Tomorrow.”

Hmmm… this is coming as quite a surprise to you. Just 6 short months ago you were hired to lead the charge with social media. Maybe you have struggled with getting budgets approved and you know results could be better. Or could be your business results are already amazing and you are thinking… “Why do we need an agency? That’s why they hired me!”

Slow down and take a deep breath. Before you start freaking out, take a listen to episode 241 of the Social Zoom Factor podcast. I share with you 10 proven strategies to help you embrace the new agency with grace and secure your position, versus reacting haphazardly and getting fired.

The new agency relationship can either make or break you and much of it depends on how gracefully (or not) you handle your new found agency partner.

If you work in any size organization as a social media manager, community manager, content manager, digital marketing manager or any type of role and have been shocked to find your superior(s) have hired an agency without you knowing, this podcast is for you. It might just save you your job, seriously.

Our agency Marketing Nutz works with small business, entrepreneurs, franchise organizations with 1000’s of franchisees up to Fortune 10 brands. We specialize in training, consulting, and strategic planning. Often times we are “that agency” brought in to help get the house in order, conduct an audit, build a strategic plan for implementation, help set priorities, implement a new program such as influencer marketing or simply to add some more positive turbo to your already successful program.

We understand how stressful it can be when a 3rd party is brought in without you being involved in the decision. We have seen social media managers and directors jet set to VP and higher roles when embracing us an agency. We’ve also seen some crumble under pressure, unfortunately.

The key is that when a 3rd party agency is entering your world, it is no time to freak out. You must keep your head on and shine.

Take a listen to episode 241 of the Social Zoom Factor podcast to hear the “10 Strategies to Work in Partnership with the New Social Media Agency Your Boss Just Hired” and I promise your career will benefit immediately.

In this 30 minute podcast you will learn:

  • 10 strategies and tips to partner with the agency your boss or CEO just hired
  • What you need to do BEFORE you join the agency kickoff call or send even one email
  • Why you need to make sure you do not get immediately defensive or insecure
  • How to embrace the agency to grow your career and learn from them
  • Why your relationship with the agency is important to your current job and your future career
  • Tips to do some quick research on the agency and their key team members
  • How to successfully manage the agency kick-off call and other first encounters
  • Understanding and securing your role on the new expanded team
  • The importance of being honest about what your digital, social and branding experience
  • Understanding the agency’s ultimate responsibility to the company and your superior who hired them
  • How to help ensure you do not get fired due to poor decisions made by you during the on-boarding of the new agency