Ask anyone in sales today, and they’ll agree: B2B selling has become increasingly complex. Bob Apollo wants to help sales teams handle that complexity, and break it down into more manageable and understandable processes.

Apollo is the Founder and Managing Partner at Inflexion-Point, the UK-based B2B sales process experts. He has worked for many of the world’s most respected technology companies, including HP. Apollo now uses his experiences in sales to help tomorrow’s tech companies cut through the complexity.

“Modern selling is not just a combination of art and science, it’s also engineering,” he noted. “Engineering is about finding repeatable, implementable solutions to common problems. If you want to scale a sales organization, you need the ability to encapsulate the data and apply it in a way that drives repeatable results.”

In the latest episode of Ramp, Bob Apollo shares how you can improve your sales processes to drive better forecasting, higher revenues, and a more efficient sales team.

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A lot of today’s sales challenges come down to the struggle to interpret and utilize the vast amount of sales data effectively, Apollo explained.

“There are dozens of factors that drive success in a sales opportunity,” he said. “There are data points that are unique to each sales process, and have a very high predictive value as to if an opportunity is likely to close. If you identify those patterns of success for winning opportunities, you know where you stand.”

In this exclusive 23 minute episode, Apollo shares:

  • The potential for machine learning to improve sales results
  • How to analyze your sales funnel
  • The processes your sales team needs to be successful
  • …and much more.

Learn how data can drive repeatable sales success in the latest episode of Ramp.