Podcasts are really popular.

It seems like everyone is talking about the benefits of starting their own podcast or referencing one they’ve been listening to. And if you’re working on an inbound or content marketing strategy it can be a great tactic to improve what you’re doing.

– But what are the benefits for your company?
– Why does it consistently yield a really effective ROI?

Your audience becomes used to your voice…

This means if they contact you interested in your product or service they’ve already listened to you for potentially several hours. They feel like they know you, relate with you, and understand how your approach problems. The potential “trust” issue of buying something from a person / company isn’t as severe.

Instead of a potential awkward sales call it becomes a friendly chat between friends.
(Anything you can do to make those calls easier is ALWAYS a major plus.)

We’re talking about SHORTER SALES CYCLES


If you’re a physical business and focus on a regional area. Having a podcast can really help you to stand out from your competition. If you’re providing content about the area and talking about local experiences your customers aren’t going to find that info from anyone else you’re really adding value for your customers.

Find ways to stand out. It’s what it’s all about.

Your own advertising platform…

Instead of paying for ads on somebody else’s site – you create the ads. Promote a product or service directly in the intro of the podcast and on the website you can have links and call to actions to more of the same.

Also, if you’re working on creating an email list by offering updates or perhaps some type of email course here are some quick benefits you can implement pretty quickly.

#1 – Include a survey in your auto responder. Have questions like “what do you struggle with the most in your business?” “what guests would you be most interested to listen to?” “what are you most interested in learning about?” This gives you the simple list of people to have on and what to ask them about.

#2 – Send a weekly email with links to all the relevant content you’ve produced or you think would be helpful. Add as much value as possible to your list and they’ll stay happy and subscribed!

#3 – Create a Linked In group and Facebook group to connect users even further. Even if you don’t get a ton of sign ups it’s still another way you can get users into your sphere of influence. The more the better!


Podcasts require some level of consistency. weekly, biweekly, monthly you need to keep producing content. And when users subscribe to your podcast on iTunes they stay consistent. Every time they open up the app your podcast is sitting there with a notification or two that you have new episodes. There are very few mediums that make it this easy for users to consistently listen to your show.

Why not save some time?

If you’re thinking of launching a podcast or already have one and want to focus on creating content and let someone else edit and get it ready so all you have to do is hit publish. We have the system in place to help you do this.