How do I make sure the right audience is reading my content? How do I make sure my customers see what I’m posting on social media? How much is too much content and what social networks should I be on for my company and my personal brand?

For me answering these questions requires a business reply not a social media or marketing answer. For each social network, for each piece of content and for each type of account we must first decide what success looks like, identify individual goals and link that to the tools and platforms we have available.

Attention Hacking is part 3 of the big picture when it comes to digital storytelling.

  1. Philosophy: #ThinkLikeAFan
  2. Mindset: #BeYourself
  3. Strategy: #AttentionHack

I break down exactly what “Attention Hacking” is, why it needs to be a part of all business, entrepreneur and digital strategies as well as some of my favorite tools for doing this including Buzzsumo, RivalIQ and Brand24.

I challenge every FOMOfanz podcast listener to spend time listening and leveraging the data available to us online then highlight the right time as determined by your audience and provide as much value as you possibly can. The results I promise will surprise you.