Jim McDonough knows that on a SaaS team, it’s vital for sales and customer success to work as one.

He is the VP of Sales and Customer Success at Attend, the event management and engagement platform. McDonough spent the past 10 years building out sales teams at three early/expansion stage software companies including Mashery, which was acquired by Intel in 2013, SmartBear Software, and Acronis.

Now, he’s turned his attention to aligning the goals of sales and customer success. McDonough explained that as a SaaS startup grows, recurring revenues become even more important.

“At some point, the existing customer base is really going to begin to contribute more of the startup’s revenue than new customers and bookings,” he noted. “That’s going to demand a focus on retention, upsell, and cross sell. Someone who has been in sales, who’s owned the number, who understands how to work with the customer, seems like a natural fit.”

In the latest episode of Ramp, McDonough shares how he helps sales and customer success work together to drive down churn, and drive up revenue.

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The combined role of a sales and customer success leader has become more and more common at SaaS startups. Especially in the early stages, it’s vital to create a consistent journey for customers, McDonough explained.

“I have the opportunity to really get in front of customers,” he said. “To understand everything they’re trying to accomplish through the sales cycle, onboarding, and through the customer journey. I get so much more visibility into what our product does for the customer.”

In this exclusive 19 minute episode, McDonough shares:

  • How the Account-Based Marketing movement fits in
  • The importance of a sales and customer success handoff
  • The ideal customer profile for both departments
  • ….and much more.

Learn how customer success and sales can drive repeatable revenue for your SaaS company in the latest episode of Ramp.