Ads, Apps, and Veronica Mars: Magnet Media Labs Podcast No. 12

The Magnet Media Labs podcast is back! A few weeks ago, we made a big move from our office at 12 West 27th Street all the way down to 122 West 27th Street. It took us some time to find the ideal place to record as the dust settled, but now it’s better than ever.

This week, Anwar Warner, Brandan Jones, Ryan W. Neal, and Ryan Swearingen start by looking at HitBliss, a new platform that hopes to change the way we interact with ads. There’s also the latest feature from Google, which allows users to search for animated GIF files, and a new iPhone app that advises users on the best possible way to use their credit cards. The big story this week was the Kickstarter campaign for the “Veronica Mars” movie, which became the biggest crowdfunding project of all time and could even impact the entire Hollywood industry. Finally, there’s the viral video of the week, which features a high school guy asking Kate Upton to the prom.

Check it out, it’s our best podcast yet. And be sure to subscribe on iTunes so you get every episode!

Links Discussed

Viral Video of the Week

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