Have you ever thought about your brand personality?

Does your brand have a personality? Here is the thing… your brand definitely has a personality regardless if you have thought about it or not. It’s important you understand and develop your brand personality so you can best present yourself to the world as well as achieve your business and marketing goals.

What is a brand personality?

A brand personality is a set of characteristics attributed to your brand that make it more human. It is shaped and molded by how the brand acts, what it says and what it looks like. Your brand personality is the living essence of who you are.

Giving your brand personality equals giving your brand something to connect with. Just as humans have different personalities, so do brands.

Having a brand personality is what separates your brand from the status quo. It’s what helps you stand out from the digital noise. It’s what separates you from others in your industry.

A brand personality is what connects your audience, partners, community with YOU, your brand and the people inside.

Brands can be similar to humans. Think about this…

  • A brand has a heart, personality and morals.
  • Brand can inspire.
  • Brands can connect with other humans.
  • Brands can influence thought, emotion and action.
  • Brands can never be perfect.
  • Brand can make mistakes because brands are made up of humans who make mistakes.

What are key traits of successful brand personalities?

  • Memorable
  • Authentic
  • Trust
  • Connects
  • Value
  • Authority
  • Fun
  • Bold

How does a brand personality differ from a brand identity?

Many people confuse brand identity with brand personality.

Where as a brand personality is a specific set of human characteristics that make it more human, a brand identity at the core is the manifestation of your brand personality.

Think of your brand personality as the back-end behind the scenes that is driving the front in brand identity and what the user sees.

Defining and knowing your brand personality as well as knowing how you want to present it to the world will simplify how you work with freelancers, agencies, designers and anyone helping you create your brand assets and campaigns.

Your brand identity includes your color scheme, shapes, topography, logos, brand voice and much more.

I don’t have time to go into the details on brand identity in this blog post or supporting podcast, but wanted to make sure you understand how both brand personality and brand identity relate and work together.

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