five key strategies for giving employee feedback

There are 5 key strategies that I use to give employee feedback based on questions I have been asked by leaders, managers and supervisors over the last 30 years.

Is employee feedback necessary and Important?

Today I would like to share with you 5 Key Strategies for Giving Employee Feedback.

1. Have a Standard Time for Giving Feedback?

The timing of your feedback is very important, so you want to take this into consideration.
Setting date for regular scheduled feedback is important for the continual improvement of your employee.

If your employee is not in a good mindset or if you are not in a good mindset, waiting till the mood is neutral will provide a more conducive environment to reinforce or redirect employees using constructive feedback

2. Preparation is Crucial

Your preparation for each employee should be thorough before you provide them with feedback.
The way you approach each team member will certainly be different according to the feedback that you deliver.

When you are prepared your team members will notice by the amount of information you provide them regarding their work.

This helps the feedback to be meaningful for the employee’s continuous improvement.

3. Provide Specific Examples for Improvement

In order for any feedback to be effective you must present the employee with specific examples on what needs to be improved as well as examples of what is going right.

This will help them to focus on their strengths repeating the tasks they are doing well, while working on their weaknesses.

4. Be Transparent and Real

In the world we live in today transparency is crucial in producing improvements and creating a happy work environment.
The feedback that you provide should be honest and genuine. You want to make the employees feel comfortable receiving feedback from you.

Your actions will speak louder than your words, so remember be yourself, your goal is to coach the team member to reach their highest potential!

5. Deliver Actionable Feedback

In order for feedback to be effective you must make it actionable so that the employee knows exactly what they need to do to improve and what steps they need to take first.

The goal is to avoid personal criticism on things that your employees can’t change.

Your feedback should always be motivational, positive and with a focus on what your employees can do to reach their goals and objectives.

I believe if you use these 5 key strategies for giving employee feedback you will begin to see why giving your employees feedback is crucial to building a culture of positivity.

Your employees will love to come to work focused on constant improvement in a happier work environment.

Those are some of my guidelines for effectively coaching and critiquing employees.