5 Essential Podcasts for Marketing OpsWhen it comes to staying up-to-date with the latest thinking in marketing, there’s no shortage of articles, webinars, white papers and ebooks. There’s even a growing number of podcasts CMOs can turn to for inspiration.

But when it comes marketing performance measurement, strategic planning, budgeting, process development, and marketing systems and data, the back-office of marketing doesn’t get as much love. That’s one of the reasons we launched our own podcast, Marketers Count — to find and share stories about modern marketers who are radically transforming business.

Whether you’re looking for ways to apply a customer-facing lesson to the “back office” of marketing, or help communicating with your “front office” colleagues, here are five podcasts that are perfect for the marketing ops pro.

IBM Big Data & Analytics

With experts spanning multiple industries, these IBM podcasts provide the latest thinking on big data, analytics and the implications for the enterprise. A recent episode of IBM Analytics InsightOut features Tim Vincent, chief technology officer for IBM’s information and analytics group, discussing how enterprises can build a highly collaborative and data-driven organization.

Marketing ops can take notes from Vincent, who explains that organizations need to “drive new thinking on how to focus on the end user/consumer to do the things they want — in a much more agile way.”

Moneyball for Marketing Podcast

Crimson Marketing CEO Glenn Gow interviews the best and brightest marketing guests about the changes happening in marketing organizations around Big Data and marketing technology. In a recent episode, Jennifer Johnson, CMO of Tanium, offers reassurance for those still struggling to make their organization more data-driven.

Listen to Johnson explain why marketing ops is a company’s “revenue chief of staff.”

Marketing Smarts

In this MarketingProfs podcast, host Kerry O’Shea Gorgone chats with smart marketers in 30-minute, in-depth interviews. Tim Hayden, Zignal Labs vice president of marketing, recently discussed how “you can have all the data in the world, but it won’t make sense unless you know what you’re looking for or you have the ability to drill deep or listen deep to what’s happening from all these various signals that are coming from many different media networks, devices, people and other systems.”

Marketing Over Coffee

Recorded each week in a local coffee shop, John Wall and Christopher Penn host a discussion of what’s new in marketing. One of this month’s podcast episodes featured Nick Westergaard discussing the need to “get scrappy.”

Although the episode focused on how to take your digital marketing from good to great, there’s a bigger lesson for marketing ops teams. We’d all like a few more people or a few more dollars, but the likelihood of getting extra resources is low. Marketers need to get over the “myth of big” and find different tools and technologies to be more effective with less.

LeadPages ConversionCast

This podcast gets “to the heart of metrics” with real-life case studies and marketers talking about how they used one tactic to increase results. For example, Jon Butt talked about how he stopped segmenting his email list, focused on providing great content to everyone regardless of what they bought, and drove 236% more people to make a repeat purchase.

Listen to this podcast for good insight into analytics and accountability initiatives to share with “front office” marketing program managers.