Podcasting is not relatively new, but it does, however, provide an important and innovative business solution to market your brand and business online. It delivers just as much as blogging does, but with the use of audio and video. Think of it as a radio show that you can access anywhere online.

Podcast marketing is growing as the internet is growing, and you’ll find thousands of podcasts online.  To help you narrow your search, here are some of the best internet marketing podcasts that all entrepreneurs should be listening to.


“You don’t have to be a genius to master internet marketing.”

Hosted by Robert Bruce and produced by Copyblogger Media CEO Brian Clark, this podcast gives listeners straightforward tips on marketing on the internet. Copyblogger Radio gives focus on blogging and content marketing to help entrepreneurs drive their brands and business successfully online. Subscribe now!


Dan Andrews and Ian Schoen share their business blogging strategies with their podcast episodes recorded from locations around world. Lifestyle Business Podcast delivers fast-paced, witty, and overall enjoyable episodes on e-commerce, management, and marketing. Subscribe now!


Successful blogger Pat Flynn reveals his secrets on successful online marketing, business blogging, and income sourcing with the Smart Passive Income Podcast. Pat’s unbiased, transparent tips are most indefinitely insightful and smart, and entrepreneurs would definitely not want to miss out on them. He interviews entrepreneurs as well. Check out this interview with Chris Ducker. Subscribe now!


Entrepreneur on Fire, hosted by John Dumas, boasts a new podcast episode released five days a week. Yes, FIVE days a week! Each podcast episode also features new interviews with leading entrepreneurs who’d love to share their experiences—their ups and downs, what they learned in the long run, everything! With this podcast, you’re able to unravel the strategies of experienced businessmen. Subscribe now!


Backed with research and statistical studies, Derek Halpburn shares facts on human behavior and analyzes them against online sales marketing. The Social Triggers Insider podcast delights its listeners with outputs on psychological principles bared with online business strategies. With in-depth studies and innovative marketing tips, Derek brings a new way of looking at online marketing. Subscribe now!

Do you have favorite podcasts that you’d like to share? Post a comment, I’d love to know! Don’t hesitate to link yours if you have one, too!