photodune 1126513 bad day xs 15 Reasons Random Acts of Marketing are Bad for Your Business & CareerRandom Acts of Marketing (RAMs) are mean little monsters. They crawl in through open cracks in marketing plans and take advantage of people who feel overwhelmed and are desperate for results. They thrive off of lack of planning, short budgets and over stressed teams.

Although RAMs may feel good for the short term, they are very bad for business and also for the career of the person implementing them. Unfortunately even the smartest and most social savvy business leaders fall victim to random acts of marketing (RAMs) from time to time.

In this episode Pam Moore shares 15 reasons Random Acts of Marketing (RAMs) don’t work and why they are bad for our business. These tips are useful for marketing and business leaders in organizations of all sizes, from entrepreneurs, small business owners, to corporate marketing and business executives.

RAMs will eat every last bit of your ROI for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Stomp them before they stomp you and your budget!

Episode Highlights:

  • 15 Reasons Random Acts of Marketing are bad for business
  • How RAMs can destruct your career
  • How to identify if you have a problem with RAMs
  • The importance of aligning to business goals and objectives to stomp RAMs

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