To be a good marketer, it’s important to be constantly learning and diversifying your knowledge.

Heck, to be good at any job, learning and growing is necessary.

There are probably millions of pieces of content about marketing and business, and it can be overwhelming to stay on top of it all. Additionally, you just may not have the time to read all the blogs and books that everyone has on their ‘must’ lists for marketers.

Thankfully, podcasts can fill that void.

With podcasts, you can listen on your commute to and from work, while you’re in the shower, or while you’re at the gym. They’re a great way to hear stories, and gain inspiration that you can apply to your work and life immediately.

Like other forms of content, there are quite a number of podcasts, and not all of it is good or relevant. So how do you find great podcasts for marketing?

Check out some of our personal favorites for inspiration.

Marketing Podcasts

If you’re looking for some to-the-point actionable advice on marketing, these will be your go-to’s:

1. Marketing Over Coffee

We love this podcast because it’s keeps us up on marketing news. It’s not just about the latest tactics and trends, but it actually discusses key events and breakthroughs in our industry.

Listen to this once weekly podcast for your download of all things happening in the marketing world. Recent topics include “Podcasting and The Serial Multiplier” and “Jay Baer on Hug Your Haters.”

2. Marketing Smarts

Created by the duo behind MarketingProfs, this weekly podcast interviews marketers from all industries. The podcast offers audio content that accompanies the content on MarketingProfs website, and gives marketers insights and advice for the toughest challenges we face.

Recent topics include “Not Everything has an ROI (and That’s Okay)” and “How to Not Waste Your Time (and Money) at Tradeshows.”

3. PNR: This Old Marketing

This podcast is put together by Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose, two leading experts in the field of content marketing, and is part of the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) Podcast Network.

Using a slightly different formula than other marketing podcasts, not only do Pulizzi and Rose talk about current trends and information, but they take old marketing tactics of the past and find the ways that we can learn from them in today’s current marketing landscape. Recent topics include “Advertising and Content Marketing are Different?” and “Longform Content Actually Works on SmartPhones.”

4. Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

Focusing on lead generation tactics and actionable advice, Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield speaks to those who want to try new marketing strategies that they may not have used before.

Utilizing a ‘for dummies” approach, Porterfield introduces how-to tips and tricks for everyone from novices to old pros in the marketing industry.

Recent topics include “How to Get Started with Facebook Live,” and “How Can I Be The Expert If I’m Just Starting Out?”

5. The Growth Show

We’d be remiss to make a list of marketing podcasts without including HubSpot’s weekly quickie about all things Inbound Marketing.

Using a “show and tell” format, The Growth Show uses real world examples to show listeners actual results and lessons that we can apply to our own efforts.

Even more than a marketing podcast, The Growth Show is for business owners and leaders of all kinds who are focused on the growth of their companies.

Recent topics include “The Risks & Rewards of Getting Acquired by Google,” and “The Surprising Benefit of Sharing Secrets: PostSecret’s Founder on His Decade-Long Social Experiment.”

Blogging and Content podcasts

Needing a boost for your blog or need tips on promoting your content? Of course you do.

As marketers we should always be seeking ways to make better content for our users.

Subscribe to these podcasts that focus solely on content and writing:

6. Copyblogger FM

Coming from the great minds behind CopyBlogger and the Rainmaker platform, this short-form podcast focuses on – you guessed it – copy.

From content marketing and copywriting, to email marketing copy, it’s all about conversion optimization of your writing and content production. Recent topics include “Content Marketing Best Practices: Getting Email Opt-Ins” and “5 Essential Copywriting Techniques from Copyblogger.”

7. Content Warfare

A collection of interviews with high-profile content creators, Content Warfare podcast with Ryan Hanley, picks the brains of content experts to share with listeners.

Touching on subjects like blogging and content promotion, speaking and podcast creation, and audience building, there’s a little something for everyone. Recent Interviews include “Micheal Port on Creating Authentic Speaking Engagements,” and “Why John Lee Dumas Launched the Freedom Journal on Kickstarter.”

Social media podcasts

8. Social Media Marketing

Michael Stelzner, of Social Media Examiner fame, uses this platform each week to talk about all things social.

Featuring interviews, success stories, up-to-date tips on social marketing tactics like relationship and influencer marketing, and social video platforms, Social Media Marketing can help any business navigate the craziness of the social media world. Recent topics include “Snapchat and Podcasting Growth: What the Research Reveals,” and “Pinterest Tactics: How to Grow Your Pinterest Following and Your Traffic.”

9. Why I Social

This niche podcast is great for hearing the backstories for how different digital marketers and social media experts got their starts in the industry.

Talking to everyone from the “average Joe – to CEO,” Why I Social lends insight and inspiration for getting involved with others on social media, and how to do social media right. Recent Interviews include “Martin Lieberman (@MartinLieberman)” and “Jonathan Brewer (@HouseofBrew)”

Leadership and Entrepreneurship podcasts

Every marketer could use a little inspiration for their own leadership skills and the entrepreneurial spirit. These podcasts provide information and motivational interviews that can translate easily to any marketing initiative:

10. Entre Leadership

Entre Leadership podcast is a must for anyone interested in business, leadership, growth and productivity.

Boasting interviews with the likes of Mark Cuban and Seth Godin, the podcast picks the brains of some of the most prolific thought leaders of our time.

Touching specifically on marketing here and again (see Seth Godin), there is a ton of valuable information to be obtained from this one. Recent topics include: “Claire Diaz Ortiz – Taking Control of Your Days,” and “Gary Vaynerchuck – Secrets of Growth.”

11. Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders

Taking a more educational approach to entrepreneurship and leadership, this podcast is co-sponsored by Stanford Technology Ventures Program, and the Department of Management Science and Engineering.

Also focusing on tech, innovation, and disruption in the digital fields, Thought Leaders is a crowd pleaser for those interested in technology. Recent topics include: “Dedication to Innovation and Nation – William Perry, Steve Blank (Stanford University), and “Why Bitcoin Makes Sense – Bobby Lee (BTCC).”

Customers and Relationship Podcasts

All that we do in marketing is in an effort to please our audience, and most importantly our customers. Brushing up on customer service, and focusing on relationships, makes us all better marketers. These podcasts go deep in the realm of customer experience:

12. Customer Experience Optimization

With topics covered such as how to build a customer-centric company culture, and how to provide a quality experience for customers, this podcast gives you all you need to know to help you put the customer first.

There’s no point to marketing if the customers don’t have a good experience with our brands, products, and content, and Customer Experience Optimization will help you to stay on the right track. Recent topics include “Customer Experience Analytics,” and “Human-Centered Design Drives Customer-Centricity (AT&T).”

13. Focus on Customer Service Podcast

With real-life stories from the world of customer service, this podcast showcases the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Specifically focusing on the brands who are really getting customer service right on social media, the underlying theme emphasizes the importance of customer relationships and crisis management.

Recent topics include: “Spotify is Hitting All The Right Notes in Social Customer Service,” and “Twitter Researcher Quantifies ROI of Customer Service.”

It’s crucial to take time out of each of our lives now and again to just shut up and listen.

By using that time to catch up on an informative and helpful podcast, not only can you learn new concepts that you can apply to your work and your life immediately, but you may just be inspired for your next great idea.