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Podcast Episode 31: 10 Tips for Growing Your Content Marketing BusinessWelcome to Episode 31 of the Content Marketing Podcast!

If you joined us for last week’s podcast, you’ll recall that we had a very special guest, Jay Baer, who stopped by to chat about his new book, Youtility. (Need to get caught up?)

Today we respond to a listener question about tactics he can employ to grow his content marketing consulting business.

Give this week’s episode a listen to learn:

  • 3 challenges content marketing consultants can face when targeting small businesses
  • 10 strategies for attracting new prospects
  • My super-secret ninja trick for making a positive impression and being truly memorable
  • Tip of the Week: Make sure to check your content on mobile devices to ensure that you’re giving mobile consumers a good experience.

Please remember that this podcast is about you—your questions, your frustrations, your hopes and fears around content marketing. So please take a moment to send me your feedback, questions, or comments via email, on our Facebook Page, or via Twitter.

See you again next week!