In today’s quickly changing marketing landscape, it can be difficult to keep ahead of trends while making sure your marketing strategies and execution are top notch. Between strategy sessions, marketing executions and endless meetings every day at work, it can be almost impossible to find time to do a little bit of self-education on marketing topics that don’t fall squarely into your day-to-day routines and marketing specialties.

The one part of the day that most of us can optimize to solve this problem is during our commute or during lunch, but reading books about marketing often poses two problems:

1) The tips and tricks in most marketing books are so dated by the time the book actually goes through the publishing cycle that most actionable ideas are no longer relevant to our day-to-day strategies.

2) Reading a book on a subway, while eating, or (god forbid) while driving a car is not exactly an effective medium for getting the information you need.

Luckily podcasts solve this problem. They’re easy to stream or download and listen to wherever you like, and because most podcasters are putting episodes out every week the information tends to be far more up to date.

The problem is, unless you know where to start it can be difficult to find podcasts that you actually like and that actually discuss the topics you’re looking to learn about. In an effort to help, here are ten of the best podcasts you should start listening to right now if you’re looking to use your spare time to be a more well-rounded and knowledgeable marketer:


1) Marketing Secrets w/ Russell Brunson

There’s a reason “Marketing Secrets” has been within the top ten business podcasts for months now. If you’re an entrepreneur who needs help getting your product out there while remaining profitable, then this is the podcast for you. Russell has started many businesses of his own and speaks from a place of experience when it comes to the strategies and suggestions he provides listeners. You’re certain to find at least one strategy here that can help your marketing strategy improve in terms of the business as a whole.

If you want a great episode to get started with, check out his episode on funnels. You’ll learn a ton about the basics of funnels, why they’re helpful, and how they can help massively improve your business and marketing. This one’s a must-listen for marketers who want to think more about the operational ramifications of what they do for a business.


2) Search Talk Live Search Engine Marketing & SEO Podcast

Love search engine marketing but want a show that is presented in the more traditional radio talk show style? Then “Search Talk Live” is the show for you.

Hosts Robert O’Haver and Caleb McElveen use their years of SEO and Digital Marketing experience to offer first-hand experiences that will help listeners better their knowledge and execution ability for their online marketing campaigns.

They bring expert guests on every week to discuss topics that range from link building to Google algorithms to content marketing that is SEO-focused. They also take calls/voicemails from listeners to directly address your questions so that you can be sure your specific questions are answered by experts on the show.

Episodes are about an hour long – making this podcast a great choice for marketers who want to broaden their knowledge of search during a longer commute or while decompressing at home at the end of the day.


3) Social Media Marketing Podcast

Are you a fan of the Social Media Examiner? If not, you should be. It’s a great place to go and read up on some of the top social media marketing industry news and reports that you need to know.

However, as good of a resource as Social Media Examiner is, finding the time to sit down and read through their almost daily posts can be a huge time investment – pulling you away from all the actual social media marketing you should be taking care of during work hours.

Enter the Social Media Marketing Podcast, where much of what they cover online (and then some!) is presented in a fun, engaging podcast. Particularly interesting are their “Expert Guide” pieces, where they interview industry leaders like Guy Kawasaki, Joe Pulizzi, and Dan Gingiss. Episodes range from about 30 minutes to a little less than an hour, so regardless of whether you just need something to listen to over lunch or something to keep those marketing wheels turning on your commute, the Social Media Marketing Podcast has you covered.

This podcast is a must for anyone who wants to stay alive in the social media marketing jungle and needs tips and tricks to help their reporting, strategies, and more.


4) The Duct Tape Marketing Podcast

Another quick listen for people who need a little bit of food for marketing thought during their lunch break, the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast ranges from 15 to 25 minutes of concise goodness. Where many of the other podcasts on this list focus in-depth into the nuts and bolts of execution in the world of digital marketing, Duct Tape Marketing covers everything from the philosophical impacts of marketing to how to generally be a more productive marketer overall.

With guests like Ann Handely, Robert Cialdini, and Simon Sinek, you can be sure that some of the best experts in the world of marketing and business will make an appearance to help get you thinking about how you can take your marketing efforts to the next level. This one is a must-listen for people who want to make themselves more productive and thoughtful when it comes to marketing initiatives.


5) Copyblogger FM

Since everyone started parroting the phrase “Content is king” back and forth at each other a few years back, content has rightly become a staple of any good marketing initiative. Good content marketing tends to be a team effort, so understanding how it works when done correctly and how to write interesting articles that will help achieve success is an important part of being a well-rounded marketer.

Enter Copyblogger FM. This podcast is THE resource for anyone trying to learn how to be a better content marketer. From tips to making your content more interesting all the way through to strategies to manage stress before, after, and during content creation, this show has it all for potential marketers-turned-writers who need some help getting their inner content marketer going.

While becoming a better writer is going to take more than just listening to a few podcasts each week, tuning in to Copyblogger FM is certainly a helpful place to start and is perfect for anyone who needs a few tips and tricks to take their writing up a notch.


6) The ConversionCast Podcast

As the name would suggest, “ConversionCast” is a podcast that can help marketers get a better understanding of how to find, convert, and keep customers. Run by the fine folks over at saas startup Leadpages who specialize in landing pages that convert, this podcast focuses on all the things marketers can do to increase their conversion rates and get more out of their marketing campaigns once users land onsite.

Episodes are relatively brief at around 30 minutes each, but each episode is packed full of great information like how to increase conversion rates, optimize funnels, create helpful conversion rate A/B testing strategies, and more.

It’s easy to forget that marketing success is ultimately largely impacted by a website’s user experience and design, but ConversionCast is here to remind you just how important onsite experience is for good marketing campaigns. This makes this podcast perfect for anyone who wants to be better equipped to understand the full flow of their user – from acquisition all the way through to final conversion or sale.


7) Start Up

Startup was one of the first podcasts put out by well-respected podcast network Gimlet. While they’re well known now for podcasts like “Reply-All”, “Crimetown”, and “Homecoming”, “Startup” was where everything got started and remains a listener favorite.

Hosted by Gimlet CEO Alex Blumberg and Lisa Chow, Startup follows the growth trajectory of Gimlet in its first season and then transitions to follow other businesses as well. The podcast is an extremely up-close and personal look into what startup founders go through when creating their businesses.

While not directly marketing focused, this podcast will get your creative juices flowing about the stories you can tell about a company’s inception and successes (or failures). Often these kind of personal stories about founders or employees and the struggles they go through while trying to shape a company go completely under the radar, even though they’re often some of the most engaging and impactful narratives a good marketer needs to use to get an audience excited about working with a company.

This podcast should be at the top of the list for any marketer who wants to improve at or think more about content marketing and thought leadership marketing.


8) The Pitch

Okay so this podcast isn’t exactly a marketing podcast, but it will still make you a better marketer. The Pitch features real startup owners pitching their businesses to venture capital investors in an attempt to get their business fast-tracked to the big time. If you’re a fan of Shark Tank, you’ll see the similarities right away – but in podcast form.

As a marketer you will get better at your job listening to this – I promise. Hearing each business owner pitch what they’re doing and how they’re doing it when the stakes are extremely high will get you thinking much more in-depth about how branding impacts marketing and what you can do to fix the pitfalls of bad branding. As marketers it’s easy to often turn a blind eye to a company’s branding in favor of concentrating on the nuts and bolts of an individual campaign you’re working on. It’s easy to throw your hands up and say that the quality score of your AdWords ad is great and just call it a day, but unfortunately that can still make for a holistic marketing initiative that’s lacking.

The Pitch will bring you back down to earth and make you realize that if a business can’t properly communicate its key value propositions to investors or target audience it doesn’t really matter what else you do. This one’s a must-listen for marketers who want to improve or think more about brand marketing.

9) Marketing Over Coffee

Most marketers would agree that one of the nicest things about working at an agency or internal marketing team that is well-staffed and filled with intelligent people are the types of conversations you get to have about marketing at random points during the day. Whether that is during the morning, on gchat, or over lunch, some of the best ideas and exchanges of knowledge happen away from the desk.

Sadly, a lot of smaller businesses and marketing teams that only have one or two people don’t get this opportunity to boost their marketing knowledge. Don’t worry though, “Marketing Over Coffee” is here to bridge the gap.

Hosted by John J. Wall and Christopher S. Penn, the podcast boasts fantastic conversations about a myriad of marketing topics and includes great interviews with leaders from the marketing world. With each episode generally less than 30 minutes, this is a great lunchtime podcast for anyone who wants some extremely intelligent and varied marketing thoughts to get them thinking about the marketing industry as a whole.


10) Edge of the Web

Edge of the Web is a fantastic podcast for anyone who wants a holistic overview to all things digital marketing. Each episode has different experts discuss their experiences and tips for marketers and business owners, which makes each episode unique in its subject matter. Every time you boot up Edge of the Web you’re bound to learn something new that’s not already in your marketing wheelhouse – from email marketing best practices all the way through to tips for success in the world of search engine marketing.

Particularly interesting is their segment about digital marketing industry news. They do a fantastic job of finding and quickly summarizing industry news and stories from various outlets like Venturebeat, Mashable, Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land, and more. If you’ve missed your marketing industry news for the week, “Edge of the Web” will catch you up in just a few minutes and make sure you get all the digestible facts you need.

Time is at a premium these days, and it can be hard to stay current on your digital marketing knowledge with such constant evolution across each channel. Giving these great podcasts a listen will help you stay current quicker and make you be a more well-rounded marketer in no time at all.

Did I miss one of your favorites? Let me know in the comments section below or on Twitter!