Podcasts are one of my favorite ways to get a real take on the topics I’m interested in.

There’s just something different about them and really the personal touch and hearing peoples voices is important to us.

I first really took to podcasts about two years ago and more than anything it got me motivated. I can categorically say if it wasn’t for podcasts I wouldn’t be doing what I am today full-time from home.

Unlike most of the written content I consume where I really get specific and look for content that is relevant to specific skills I want to learn about, with podcasts I’m more interested in getting overviews and hearing about what others are doing in the general field of being an entrepreneur online.

The Unmissable Podcasts:

10 Best Marketing and Business Podcasts

1. The Unmistakable Creative Podcast:

Previously BlogcastFM hosted by Srinivas Rao this podcast interviews and talks about the most cutting-edge entrepreneurs and strategies for success online. It’s been my favorite for over 2 years now and more than any other inspired me into taking action.

Srini is a truly captivating host and asks questions that get real responses and this is why the podcast is so addictive and useful.

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2. The Smart Passive Income Podcast:

Pat Flynnn! That bit always gets me. Anyways. Despite the fact that there’s less written content on his site since the podcast got bigger this is one of my favorites.

Pat brings a lot of useful and actionable advice that you just can’t miss.

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3. The Foolish Adventure Show:

Tim Conley has created a podcast that brings a lot of value. If you’re interested in every facet of online business like me you’ll really enjoy the content he puts out.

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4. Entrepreneur On Fire:

John Lee Dumas is another podcaster big on interviews. While many of the same guests tend to go around these podcast shows there’s always something new to learn so don’t just subscribe to one or the other! Plus while it may be acceptable to possibly pass up some podcasts you simply can’t with Entrepreneur On Fire because some of the insights you get are invaluable!

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5. The Industry:

They haven’t produced anything new since mid-2013 but these guys are entertaining and full of valuable insights into the design industry. I have a design background myself but even if you don’t and you appreciate how important design can be for conversions then you should check out their past podcasts to learn as much as you can.

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6. Marketing Stuff You Should Know:

A young podcast by Jeff Dyson. You never know whether these new podcasts will continue but I’m confident Jeff will keep it going. If you love marketing you should check out his episodes and hit that subscribe button.

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7. Marketing Optimization:

Interviews by Alex Harris on a variety of conversion related topics. Dedicated to improving your conversion rate and maximizing your ROI by interviewing the experts this is a podcast you definitely should not miss!

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8. Social Triggers Insider:

Another young podcast by Derek Halpern. I like Derek having heard him interviewed on other podcasts it was inevitable I’d subscribe and check out his stuff.

He talks about the psychology of human behavior and how you can implement this into effecting consumer behavior to get more conversions.

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9. The Fizzle Show:

Corbett Barr, Chase Reeves and Caleb Wojcik teamed up to create an enviable new brand and they’ve also entered the world of podcasting in a big way.

Perhaps more suited to the start-up types who are also big on the lifestyle, the podcast is extremely detailed and in my opinion can benefit anyone with a business.

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10. Freelance Unleashed Podcast:

I’m a freelancer – that’s what I do, so this for me is a must listen. The thing is though if you have any skill you could probably do some freelancing and if nothing else freelancing teaches you how to communicate efficiently and grab peoples attention.

Perhaps I’m biased but I think any serious online entrepreneur could benefit from seeing what this industry is like from trying it out themselves. Save yourself months of heartache by subscribing to a podcast that really talks about how to be an excellent freelancer and get the clients.

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I think podcasts are an important way to feel like part of the community and learn in a different way.

Care to share some of your favorites? Let me know so I can subscribe.